an ILLUSION in you, me and everyone!!!


We all know that god is omni present. We also know that he is worthy and wealthy of everything that we can think off. I am keeping aside all the atheists and saying this! 🙂 So, what i thought of this is that, he never has done anything wrong to anyone! ILLUSION! that very hidden power of yours, that  versatile path of yours is your ILLUSION! I want to take more on this.

Couple of days back, i was returning from the college, and i came across a poor daily wage worker and he was sitting with his son. His son, he was so cute that i wanted to cuddle him. The main draw was that he was poor, disassembled and scrambled! He had that light touch of smile and happiness which he will obviously loose after knowing his condition. Here, do you think that he has to catch the path of his father or mother in his future?? or something else? I say otherwise, because i keenly saw that illusion in him. He had that charm and determination in him which he will get to know when he will hit maturity. So this is my basic idea of ILLUSION.

No one is small. No one is weak. We are the seeds harvested by the god, so we ought to grow. We all see people complaining about their career, their path. Some say they cannot even concentrate on the thing that they are pursuing. This clearly shows that he/she hasn’t found that thing yet. 
                                         Parents force their wards to some particulars. Are these decisive?? Do they want this to pursue? I was avg in my studies. But i couldn’t let it slip because the thing was i never crippled in this! Yeah, i am avg, but i can persue this! So iam here! I was a good sportsman till my high school end. I used to play basketball like a pro. There was at times i had thought of joining the Indian team. But eventually i lost interest 2 years back and suddenly MUSIC took over my brain and mind! Now i am sucessful in this! People ask for me and i love it! Do what you love! Seek that road that is hidden in your heart. Your parents cannot operate your heart and find it out, so its you finally who has to dig it and find it out! Talk with your parents, tell them about your interests and love it! You will be scolded initially but the light will catch you at the end of the tunnel. Surely! Take your ILLUSION to a different level and you will enjoy it full heartedly. Can you imagine Mohammad Ali singing and dancing and people throwing stones and tomatoes?? They had found out the fruit initially which grew in to a beautiful fruit of great life! 🙂 🙂 Feels so freaking awesome! High in the  air!! 🙂 
Dig it, be happy, get successful and fight all your sorrows!! Look at your shadows and think of capturing that HIDDEN ILLUSION! 😀 😀  All the best! (y)


My First tiny post!!


Took information from an experienced blogger, whom I call MOM lovingly. Thank you first of all to Jeeta mom! 🙂 This is interesting. Whole lotta things to learn and explore! Seriously I dint know about this thing!! 🙂

Today is friday, just couple of hours away from the next day to start. Ummm, friday, comes after thursday, and thursday is celebrated as throwback thursday. To be witty, I celebrate friday as PICKITUP FRIDAY! 😀 Thats the thing you do after throwing right? Ok, I got lot to learn now. Bye now!